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Is your vehicle leaking engine oil?  Having to top up oil often?   
     HI-GEAR LEAKS-NO-MORE effectively stops engine oil leaks. LEAKS-NO-MORE has been formulated with special
     chemicals to stop oil leaks from the seals by restoring to its original size.  LEAKS-NO-MORE:
  • Restores elasticity of seals
  • Returns seals and gaskets to original size
  • Stops oil leakage through valve cover gaskets, oil pans, timing chains, manual transmission seals, gaskets and front and rear crankcase bearings
  • Can be used to stop leaks in industrial gear boxes
  • Compatible with all oils – industrial, motor, mineral, synthetic and diesel
  • Will not damage any components in the engine
  • Simply add contents of can to engine oil and drive as normal.

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