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Hi-Gear Products a global leader!


The Hi-Gear product family has grown significantly since its inception 23 years ago in the USA. Today, Hi-Gear is an established and recognized brand throughout many parts of the world. Hi-Gear products have now been offering its high-quality products in the United Kingdom since 2010.

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More than 3,000 products for practically every application is available in the automotive aftermarket industry — petrol and diesel additives, greases, engine, transmission, power steering and hydraulic fluids, cooling system additives, metal conditioners, appearance and car care products, epoxies, adhesives and repair products, aerosol cleaners, lubricants as well as household and industrial chemicals.

Hi-Gear Products has earned its customer loyalty by maintaining an unwavering commitment to our founding principle — to develop and deliver the most technologically advanced and innovative automotive products for distribution around the globe.

Each and every product of Hi-Gear is engineered to meet or surpass the strictest of industry standard specifications. Hi-Gear maintains its own research and development facility and formulations are constantly under review to ensure the latest technologies are implemented. Hi-Gear’s premium line of motor oils meets API SAE(SM) specifications and is formulated to offer superior lubrication as well as fuel and emission reduction.

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Our motto “We GEAR towards your needs”.

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